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Your fitness training questions answered

Q. Are your personal trainers certified?

A. Yes, In fact I have held several NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) accredited personal trainer certifications which are the most reputable in the fitness industry. 

Q. Do you have personal training package session discounts?

A. Yes, I have packages of 10 and 20 personal training sessions which can be purchased.  Personal training session prices get cheaper when you purchase larger packages.  Please see my personal training price page here.

Q. How long do your personal training sessions last?

A. My personal training sessions in Chicago are 60 minutes in duration.  Most will include a 5 minute warm up and then 55 minutes of training with intensity appropriate to your goals.

Q. Do you come to my apartment gym in Chicago?

A. Yes!  I will meet you in your apartment lobby and then go with you to your apartment gym to train you.  Please visit my apartment gym personal training page for complete details.

Q. Do you train at homes without gyms?

A. Yes, I train at residential homes without gyms.  I bring any necessary equipment needed relevant to training for your specific goals.

Q. How much does a personal trainer cost?

A.  My personal training prices are located on our training price page.  Please click the link to go there.

Q. How do I know which fitness program is best for me?

A.  I will perform a thorough evaluation and assessment and then determine your most appropriate fitness training program.  Please visit our fitness program page for complete details.

Q. I want to do Muay Thai Kickboxing.  Is it for fighting or fitness?  I want fitness.

A. My Muay Thai kickboxing is for fighting or fitness and can and will be tailored to suit your training goal as well as your preference of fighting or fitness.  It can also be cardio based.  Please visit our Muay Thai Kickboxing page for complete details.

Q. Who will be training me?  Who is the personal trainer?

A.  Dennis Romatz  (myself) performs most of the personal training, Muay Thai Kickboxing and plant based nutritional guidance.

Q. I want weight loss training.  Can you guarantee I will lose weight?

A. Yes!  You will definitely lose weight and I guarantee it.  Follow my weight loss fitness and nutrition training schematic and I will guarantee weight loss.  Please visit my weight loss page for complete details.

Q. I want to exercise in privacy.  Are you a private personal trainer?

A. Yes!  I offer in-home training which can be performed inside your actual home or apartment.  I also offer apartment gym training which can be performed inside your actual apartment gym.  You can choose your personal training location.  You can view my training locations here.

Q. Do you have a staff female personal trainer in Chicago?

A. Yes!  I have a certified female personal trainer in downtown Chicago.  She is an experienced fitness coach and personal trainer and has a University degree in Exercise Science.

Dennis Romatz Fitness

Dennis Romatz Fitness is a goal oriented, results driven fitness company located in downtown Chicago, Illinois owned by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer Dennis Romatz.

I provide in-home and apartment gym exercise physiology based personal training, plant based nutrition coaching and authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing in the Windy City. 

My specialty is weight loss via body fat reduction.  Weight loss is guaranteed.

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Dennis Romatz Fitness

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