Fitness Classes in Chicago, IL

Join My Workout Classes and Get Fit.  

Let's Go!

Grab your friends, work colleagues or simply come by yourself and get incredibly fit at one my various high energy exercise classes in Chicago.

I have fitness classes in Chicago for every goal

I offer a full menu of unique fitness classes in Chicago at several locations for people who want to rock a high energy, trendy workout with their friends, family, co-workers or who simply want to join a group of like-minded fitness folks to get incredibly fit and have a blast exercising.

"Exciting & affordable fitness classes in Chicago at convenient locations and times designed to get you fit fast".

Get the awesome benefits of my workout classes

Don't like to workout alone?  Prefer to workout in a class designed for your goals?  Like the idea of lower cost fitness class workouts?

 I get it. 

I have your fitness class solutions.  This type of training is perfect because you get the benefits of workout out with a personal trainer in Chicago with the bonus of training in a class with your friends or group.

The best part is that the costs of my fitness classes in Chicago are one fifth of the cost of a personal training session.

1. Workout with Friends

Train with your friends or co-workers and have a blast exercising together.

2. Save Money

Fitness classes allow you to exercise at a very affordable cost.

3. Get Great Results

Get the group motivation you need to reap the benefits of getting fit.

Explore my fitness classes in Chicago

I have full menu of fitness classes for every goal.

Dennis Romatz Fitness

Dennis Romatz Fitness is a goal oriented, results driven fitness company located in downtown Chicago, Illinois owned by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer Dennis Romatz.

I provide in-home and apartment gym exercise physiology based personal training, plant based nutrition coaching and authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing in the Windy City. 

My specialty is weight loss via body fat reduction.  Weight loss is guaranteed.

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Dennis Romatz Fitness

Address:  1 West Superior #4308 Chicago, IL  60654

Telephone:  312-409-5358


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