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Put your best foot forward with an expert certified Chicago personal trainer and start running towards your best body ever.

Train with an excellent personal trainer in River North Chicago

I provide impactful, expert personal fitness training at your apartment gym in River North Chicago helping you lose weight, look great & improve you health.

My fitness training & nutritional guidance gets my clients the body they want and the health they need.

"A great personal trainer in River North at an affordable price who will get you the results you want".

Dennis Romatz River North Chicago Personal Trainer

I'm an Internationally acclaimed professional in-home certified personal trainer with 33 years experience.

I help people achieve their fitness training goals with professional personal training in River North at your home, apartment gym, park or outdoor location via intelligent exercise testing & prescription facilitated with goal oriented fitness, results driven fitness training supported with plant based nutritional guidance and restorative recovery.

I provide results based fitness training solutions

Have health problems?  No energy?  Having trouble starting an exercise program?  Not sure what to do?  Need a push? 

These are common hurdles to working out.  I get it. 

I have your fitness training solutions with exercise physiology based training schematics & nutritional guidance unique to your individual needs which guarantee weight loss, a better looking body & improved level of health.

I've helped countless people learn how to lose weight quickly, transform their bodies and live well.

1. Lose Weight

Lose weight quickly and keep it off sustainably.

2. Look Great

Transform your body into your own work of art you can be proud of.

3. Feel Incredible

Improve your health & decrease cardiovascular risk factors.

Explore how I get you fit

My areas of focus include the 3 pillars of wellness ensuring that all your boxes are ticked guaranteeing fitness goal achievement.

Getting started with a personal trainer is easy

Tell me your goals and how you want to transform your body to look & feel.

2. Get Assessed

I'll provide a functional movement screen and skeletal & postural analysis.

3. Start Training

Start getting fit with fitness training, nutrition & recovery.

Your questions answered

Q. Are you a certified personal trainer in Chicago?

A. Yes!  I'm a certified personal trainer with 33 years of personal trainer experience.  I also have a University education in Exercise Science & Nutrition.

Testimonials of fitness training goals achieved

"Dennis I like to thank you for the training sessions.  Very nicely handled and serious.  10 kg. in a month so happy you helped me in recovering.  Very happy we did the in-home training at my apartment gym.  Saved a lot of time.  I will get back in touch when I come back from my trips and hope you will continue to help me reach my goal of 75 kg.  Thank you so much!

 - Florent Scotto

Ready.  Set. Go!

Start your goal oriented, results driven fitness training program in River North today.


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Dennis Romatz Fitness

Dennis Romatz Fitness is a goal oriented, results driven fitness company located in downtown Chicago, Illinois owned by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer Dennis Romatz.

I provide in-home and apartment gym exercise physiology based personal training, plant based nutrition coaching and authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing in the Windy City. 

My specialty is weight loss via body fat reduction.  Weight loss is guaranteed.

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Dennis Romatz Fitness

Address:  1 West Superior #4308 Chicago, IL  60654

Telephone:  312-409-5358


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