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Personal training with fitness programs designed uniquely for your personal needs that transforms your body, improves level of health and controls weight .

Achieve your goals with personal training in Chicago

I provide impactful, expert personal fitness training at your apartment gym helping you lose weight, look great & improve you health.

I train my clients for immediate results and I teach them so they have the tools for a lifetime of personal fitness success. 

"Laser affordable, focused personal training targeting your anatomical & physiological areas which you would like to transform, make beautiful and improve upon".

My personal training yields results quickly.

As a professional personal trainer for 33 years, I've seen all of my clients get better results in a shorter amount of time than other people training in the gym next to us.  Personal training is all about fast tracking your health & fitness benefits.

I teach my clients as well as train them so they have the tools to keep themselves fit for life.

My personal training in Chicago focuses mostly on weight loss as this is the most commonly desired goal.

My personal training is smart in that I firstly target heart health.  Once cardiovascular and cardio respiratory fitness is achieved, most all other goals simply fall into place as windfall benefits. 

I provide results based personal training solutions

Have health problems?  No energy?  Having trouble starting an exercise program?  Not sure what to do?  Need a push? 

These are common hurdles to working out.  I get it. 

My personal training provides a full scope of benefits which are derived from solutions related to your individual issues which you need to fix, correct or the type of body transformation you desire.

My personal training is very focused and spot targets key areas of your body and health which you would like to change by implementing training protocols and methodologies proven to elicit change.

1. Lose Weight

Lose weight quickly and keep it off sustainably.

2. Look Great

Transform your body into your own work of art you can be proud of.

3. Feel Incredible

Improve your health & decrease cardiovascular risk factors.

Explore my smart personal training

3 key components of my uniquely dynamic approach to results based personal training in Chicago.

Starting your personal training in Chicago is easy

Tell me your goals and how you want to transform your body to look & feel.

2. Get Assessed

I'll provide a functional movement screen and skeletal & postural analysis.

3. Start Training

Start getting fit with fitness training, nutrition & recovery.

Your personal training questions answered

Q. What do I get with personal training?

A. Your personal training in Chicago comes complete with the actual personal fitness training sessions.  Within each session, I also provide nutritional guidance, nutritional coaching, meal plans and a blueprint for healthy lifestyle habits and management.  The sessions are also filled with motivation, encouragement, inspiration and the push you need to level up and get you to the next level of training and performance so you can achieve greater results.

Testimonials of personal training benefits

"My personal training with Dennis was professional in every way.  He designed an amazing workout program that was always fresh with new goal relevant movements that kept me engaged and excited to keep training.  The Muay Thai Kickboxing was the coolest workout.  I loved it.  I felt to spent afterwards, but I could see my body changing and I was losing weight quickly.  Cool guy to train with!

 - Becky Gerard, Streeterville

Ready.  Set. Go!

Start your goal oriented, results driven personal training program in Chicago today.


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Dennis Romatz Fitness

Dennis Romatz Fitness is a goal oriented, results driven fitness company located in downtown Chicago, Illinois owned by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer Dennis Romatz.

I provide in-home and apartment gym exercise physiology based personal training, plant based nutrition coaching and authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing in the Windy City. 

My specialty is weight loss via body fat reduction.  Weight loss is guaranteed.

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Dennis Romatz Fitness

Address:  1 West Superior #4308 Chicago, IL  60654

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