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I Have Satisfied Training Clients.  

I feel privileged to have been able successfully serve my dedicated clients and I look forward to helping you become successful in your fitness training and nutrition endeavors.

Chicago personal trainer testimonials

“I can't believe it.  I don't feel any pain in my knee at all.  Everything that you taught me was everything that I wasn't doing previously even under the advice of physiotherapists, Doctors and other trainers.  Your training approach taking my whole lower body into consideration, especially the root cause being my external femoral rotation starting at my hip was priceless.  You were able to identify several causes of my knee injury and pain, fix them and now I can actually go golfing with my Husband for the first time in many years.  Thank you for the great training.  I'll really keep it up when I'm back in Florida cause it really helped me a lot."

 - Sylvia


"Dear Dennis, I want to thank you kindly for training me.  During this time, with your expertise and guidance I was able to shed almost 20 kg. (44 lbs.)!  I realized that you were the person who could make that life changing impact in my life from our first session when you told me about how I can use the most boring treadmill to it's maximum benefit to hit all my leg muscle groups...I knew it right then that if Dennis can give me gold just on his first day how much more how much more would he offer if I continue with him and boy!  I was not wrong...I learned so much from you in addition to getting fit and weight loss and all those beautiful adventurous, informational and hilarious anecdotes that you shared from your life keep my session even more entertaining and knowledgeable.

Thank you again so much.

 - Alex


​"World Class personal training by a World Class individual who cares immensely about his clients and their goal achievement.  Dennis is the superlative of personal trainers." 

-  Jeff, Gold Coast Chicago

"I was hoping to lose 10 pounds.  I ended up losing 21,3 pounds and went from 32% body fat to 16%.  Really smart training paved the road for my success.  The workouts were touch, but extremely intelligent and I love the results!" 

-  Betty, Gold Coast Chicago

"Dennis is an outstanding trainer completely committed to coaching me to success.  Fantastic!  Highly recommend him." 

-  Samuel, River North Chicago


 "What a great feeling to be able to write this positive review and highly recommend Dennis, who helped me lose 28 pounds of unwanted icky body fat.  I look and feel terrific.  Dennis is a great personal trainer." 

-  Suzy, One Superior Place Chicago

"Dennis took the time to thoroughly assessment every aspect of my physique as well as my nutritional habits.  He designed an appropriate fitness training program based on my goals and what he found with my body during my assessment.  He married the fitness program with a really delicious food intake meal plan.  The end results was weight loss via body fat reduction and increased fitness levels." 

- Maddy Davidson, Aqua Apartments Chicago

Dennis Romatz Fitness

Dennis Romatz Fitness is a goal oriented, results driven fitness company located in downtown Chicago, Illinois owned by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer Dennis Romatz.

I provide in-home and apartment gym exercise physiology based personal training, plant based nutrition coaching and authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing in the Windy City. 

My specialty is weight loss via body fat reduction.  Weight loss is guaranteed.

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Dennis Romatz Fitness

Address:  1 West Superior #4308 Chicago, IL  60654

Telephone:  312-409-5358

Email: dennis@dennisromatzfitness.com

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